Who We Are

The Longpoint Historical Fencing League (LHFL) was created by the Longpoint crew to serve the needs of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern HEMA community. The League consists of series of events per year that are tied together by a common, overall scoring system to determine the best performing fencers in each season. Our league has six main directives:

           1. Provide an inexpensive opportunity for regional fencers to come together to train multiple times per year. These events should be relatively easy to afford for most fencers who have the time to make the weekend trips.


           2. Be non-intrusive to the larger events that we all love. Along with being cheap, these events should not overlap large national events that many fighters in our region attend, allowing fighters who are active in national events to attend both.


           3. Provide an opportunity to train under varied rule. The LHFL will host at least two different rulesets in any given season. Hosting clubs are free to choose from our list of approved rulesets.


           4. Encourage the growth of judging ability within our community by requiring that all fighters in any given event also staff that event.

           5. Promote the success and development of every participant regardless of skill level, by holding tiered tournament events (LIGHT, STANDARD, and PREMIER)

          6. Provide the best possible quality HEMA in the best possible quality competitions, and b
ecome breeding ground for the highest quality competitors in the region.