The BEMMA Award

For every HEMA good memory, for every event enjoyed, for every little bit of something we learned for absolutely free, we have a volunteer admin to thank for.
Weeks before we set foot in that ring, days after we are back home, an admin is there making ready or wrapping up.
We don't always know who they are, and when we do we don't pay much attention. And, if we do, we don't thank them enough.


Introduced in 2019, the LHFL takes a small step into recognizing these silent stars, and establishes the BEMMA Award, named after Emma Graf and Ben Michels, two of our community's most exceptional admins. With this small token of recognition and appreciation, we pledge to always, every year at the LHFL Finals, Honor an admin who will go above and beyond to help us in our quest for a better HEMA.

To all of you behind the bulwarks, from the heart, THANK YOU...


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