Cutting Qualifiers

With the enthusiastic support of club/school leadership from our region's major groups, The Longpoint Historical Fencing League will be phasing in cutting qualifiers during the 2017-2018 season. These qualifiers will not be required to be completed for at least the first half of the season, but may be phased into requirement during the second half, depending on how the tracking goes over the next 6 months.

How do these cutting qualifiers work?

- To encourage the continued handling of a sharp sword by those in our region, and to reinforce the mindset that we are simulating sharp weapons with our training tools, anyone participating in a LHFL event must have completed a basic cutting pattern on a single tatami mat within the last two years.

- The cutting pattern will consist of one cut from above on the right, one cut from above on the left, and one cut from below from a side of your choosing within the space of a single tatami mat. The cuts must be clean and good without any significant errors. For instance, small angle issues or very tiny mountains are okay. Large scoops, small or large mountains, or major angle issues are not. Errors do not count against you as long as you can complete these three cuts on a single mat. You may fail the right oberhau twice and then complete it successfully, and that will count for your right oberhau, assuming the mat does not get too beat up or too short to complete the pattern.

- The Longpoint Cutting Tournament qualifying round, since it is a higher bar than the league qualifier, will be used to start constructing a pre-qualification list. Anyone who completes the Longpoint pattern without significant error will be qualified for the league. We may also allow people to use extra mats on Sunday at Longpoint for $10/mat to complete the League qualifying pattern.

- Anyone who has gotten to the finals or consistently otherwise gets to the second and third rounds of a cutting tournament at FNY or Longpoint over the last three years will be pre-qualified.

- For future qualifications, we would prefer that those who wish to participate in league events send a clear video / video link over email to the league of them completing this pattern. We will be looking into the logistics of allowing for qualifiers at league events, but this may depend on just how many people need to qualify. This bullet point is the main reason we are not phasing in cutting quals right away. We will see where we stand after the next few months.

- Once qualified, a fighter is able to participate in LHFL events for two seasons; (1) The season they have qualified within (or the next season if the qualification happens between seasons), and (2) the season directly following the first season. We will be attempting to keep logs of cutting tournaments in an effort to continue organically qualifying people in the future.

We will have more concrete information on this after Longpoint.