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    A major reason of existence of the LHFL is to bring the community together at a National level! With that goal always in mind, we aim to establish and maintain a network of member-clubs that will contribute with their presence and share their experience in their neighboring area for the sake of the continuation of the Art and the maintenance of high-quality tournaments.

For the small fee of $50 per year regardless of the size of your club you can:

• have unlimited club members participate in LHFL tournaments ($15 fee per unaffiliated fighter, per tournament, otherwise)
• host official LHFL tournaments
• have your club members eligible to apply for LHFL directors certification
• request and be granted the support of LHFL certified directors for your non league events

• have your club's logo proudly displayed in our family "Affiliates" page

You will also be doing your part in supporting the League with logistic expenses, such as customized LHFL awards, prizes, etc

You could also:



Competition is the heart of the Longpoint Historical Fencing League! You don't need to be a world class competitor to participate; in fact, the league was created to provide a competitive opportunities to HEMA practitioners of all skill levels. 

Volunteers play a crucial role in making these events run smoothly.  If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering please reach out to us with the form below. All skill and experience levels are both welcome. 

Organize an Event

League events are run for and by the regional HEMA community. If you or your club are interested in hosting or running a Longpoint Historical Fencing League event please reach out to us with the form below. Rules for hosting events can be found here.

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