Qualifying for the "Top Eight"

Every fighter who competes in Standard and Premier Longsword in a LHFL tournament has the opportunity to accrue points that will count towards determining that year’s “Top Eight” and (re)introduction of fighters into the “Top Eight Hall of Fame”. Light Longsword Tournament is not eligible for LHFL points.

In Standard Longsword, the point system is as follows:

1st place – 10 pts

2nd place – 9 pts

3rd place – 8 pts

4th place – 7 pts

5th to 8th place – 4 pts

9th to 16th place – 2 pts

17th- 32nd place – 1 pt


In Premier Longsword the same number of points is awarded, with the addition of a +8 pts “pole position advantage” to all Premier fighters. Premier fighters indeed have an advantage to win a spot in the “Top Eight” for the year. This advantage represents the reasonable lead a Premier Tier fighter would have over a Standard Tier fighter were they to compete together in one single tier.

At the same time it is now also much easier for less seasoned fighters to excel in Standard Longsword without having to compete against the "usual suspects" top tier fighters, and therefore easier for the better performing Standard fighters to make it into Premier the next year.


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